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Stirling Finance consultants have published various books and articles relating to the pension and asset management industries in China.
Investment Funds in China A New Look, 2012, by Stuart Leckie & Rita Xiao
Reforming Pensions for Civil and Military Servants, 2011, (China Chapter)
Pension Systems and Old-Age Income Support in East and Southeast Asia 2011, (China Chapter)
Pension Funds in China a new look, 2005, by Stuart Leckie & Yasue Pai
In addition, Stirling Finance consultants have presented research and insights into pension reforms in Asia, and are strong advocates of good governance through various international and regional forums.
Pension and Investment Funds in China for CLSA, 29 May 2012
Pension Reform in China for ADB Annual Meeting, 4 May 2012
Investment Opportunities in China for the 13th International Finance Forum, 12 April 2012
China & Central and Eastern Europe for CFA Institute, 4 April 2012
Priority Issues of Public Pension Systems in China for NPRI Workshop, 25 November 2011
Furthermore, Stirling Finance consultants can provide monthly updates on developments in China, including Sovereign Wealth Funds, pension systems, QFII, QDII, RQFII, etc.